Business Development

Zen’s Medicine provides financial support to tax-exempt, nonprofit organizations in the Natural Medicine & Holistic Healthcare Community as all as General Welfare Public Health Services. By working with Zen’s Medicine, you are providing financial support to programs and services that are responsive to the health and wellness needs of the common person.

Like-Minded Businesses:

Businesses that serve the public health community with honesty, care, diligence, professionalism, impartiality, and integrity are who we want to work with. Zen’s Medicine strives for the highest ethical standards to sustain the trust and confidence of the public, not just the minimum required to meet legal or procedural requirements.

Healthcare Community:

We offer resources and public health information to educate and empower. If you have questions about Zen’s Medicine you can CLICK HERE.

At times, our Marketing Communications Department may sponsor certain events or programs in our cities and communities. These programs and services also align with the mission of Zen’s Medicine. To make a Community Support and Sponsorship request, complete and submit the application form.